Thermal Rehabilitation of Educational Buildings in Cantemir - CanTREB

Stronger society
842, 800 EUR
Cantemir Town Hall in partnership with NGO Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables
2018 - 2020
The general objective of the project: improve the energy efficiency and indoor comfort in 4 public buildings in Cantemir by taking comprehensive thermal rehabilitation measures aimed at the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 according to Cantemir Sustainable  Energy Action Plan. The measures include: thermal insulation of the building envelope, installation of a biomass boiler plant, individual heating control points, installation of solar collectors and photovoltaic panels, replacement of internal lighting system to LEDs 


Kindergarten  No.1: str. Gagarin 6, or.Cantemir: 140 children and 26 people staff, Director - Elena Costanda, +373062107517

Kindergarten No.2: str. Basarabia 11, or. Cantemir, 165 children, 36 people staff; Director – Viorica Diacov, tel: +37376006161

Eminescu Gymnasium: Trandafirilor 10, Cantemir, 664 children and 64 people staff, Director - Enciu Ecaterina, +373 273 22 532

Cantemir Lyceum: : str. Trandafirilor 4, or. Cantemir, 200 children, 34 people staff;  Director - Elena Macaria, tel 373- 273 22 624



Energy saved: 54% of the total energy SEAP for heating and 14% of the overall SEAP;

CO2 emissions reduced by 15% of the total SEAP for heating and 11% of the overall SEAP;

Operational and maintenance costs reduced by 12% for 4 public buildings;

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Kindergarten No.1: str. Gagarin 6, or. Cantemir

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