Strengthening civil society in ATU Gagauzia

Stronger society
606,077.96 Euro
Soros Foundation-Moldova
2017 - 2019
Main purpose of the project is to  empower civil society organizations in ATU Gagauzia in order to enable them to monitor and influence development priorities on local and national level and to build bridges between civil society organizations and local authorities from ATU Gagauzia and other regions of Moldova.
Specific objectives:


-  To strengthen the capacities of up to 20 CSOs from Gagauzia for conducting watchdog of civil servants' integrity; monitoring public policy making; and carrying out oversight of the Gagauz authorities in the process of public budget development and implementation;
-  To facilitate and encourage partnerships of CSOs from the Gagauz ATU with counterparts from other regions of Moldova in order to strengthen confidence building through exchange of experience and good practices, building networks and coalitions;
-  To support up to 10 projects of CSOs in cooperation with local media from Gagauzia focused on control of civil servants' integrity, monitoring public policy making, development, implementation and public budget oversight of authorities from ATU Gagauzia and strengthening the institutional capacity of beneficiary CSOs;
-  To provide reliable national and international expertise and advocacy to central and regional authorities, in order to establish an early warning mechanism for policy/political changes, in the context of the autonomy of Gagauzia;



The project is targeting three groups as follows: Gagauz regional and local NGOs, Gagauz public authorities both at the central and local levels of the autonomy, and mass-media institutions from the Gagauz autonomy.


The beneficiaries of the sub granting program are 16 NGOs from Gagauzia ATU:
  1. Association "Biaz Gul"
  2. Regional Association of Mothers of Multiple Children and Women entrepreneurs from Gagauzia "Vesta"
  3. Association of Elders "Inspiration"
  4. Center Pro Europa from Comrat
  5. Center for supporting civic initiatives "Grin",
  6. Alliance of Women from South of Republic of Moldova
  7. Asociation of condominium owners nr. 89/91/23 from Vulcanesti
  8. Comrat Law Clinic
  9. Women Association of Gagauzia, Public Association
  10. Association "Women’s Initiative"
  11. Association of Social and Cultural Development "DELFIN"
  12. Association "Güneşçik"
  13. Resource center for children with disabilities "Umut"
  14. Association of independent journalists  "GAGAUZMEDIYA"
  15. European Center for Civic Initiatives "Stalker"
  16. Association of Women from Comrat

The project is focused on bringing together 4 actors: CSOs from national level and other regions of Moldova; CSOs from ATU Gagauzia; Central Public Administration from Chisinau; and Central Public Administration from ATU Gagauzia. All these actors are now part of a wide platform that is ensuring a better dialog and more confidence between both parts: CSOs and CPA.

Supporting local NGOs from ATU Gagauzia by offering them both grants and capacity building programs makes them stronger and sustainable. Also, supporting joint projects between national platforms of NGOs and organizations from Gagauzia will make local civil society more visible at national level and more actively involved in NGOs cooperation platforms.

A specific added-value of the project is also the fact that the project is not concentrated only on a specific field (social, environment), but are cross-cutting and includes them all, by increasing CSOs’ professionalism and their work with public authorities.


Address map and contacts

32 Bulgara street, Chisinau
+373 22 270031

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