Sector Reform Contract: “European Neighbourhood Programme to Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD)”

Stronger economy
53,000,000.00 Euro
The Government of the Republic of Moldova (budget support) Agrarmarkt Austria (AMA) (twinning project) With State Agriculture Intervention Fund (SZIF –Czech Republic) Agency for restructuring and modernisation of Agriculture (ARMA - Poland)
2016 - 2019
The overall objectives of the ENPARD are: 1) assist the Government of the Republic of Moldova in eradicating poverty, promoting sustainable and inclusive growth, and consolidating and improving democratic and economic governance; 2) to foster confidence building in the Republic of Moldova, by targeting - through a specific component–regions and territorial administrative units with a special status.
The Programme aims to contribute to the following:


-  Increased investment in the modernisation of the agriculture, agri-food and feed chains meeting EU food safety and quality requirements;
-  Enhanced investment in physical infrastructure and rural services in support of the development of the agricultural and agri-food sector;
-  Increased employment and income opportunities in rural areas in support of the agricultural and the agri-food sector;
-  Improved governance in agricultural and rural development  (e.g. improved the financial capability of the Government to achieve agricultural and rural development policy objectives; promotion of agricultural and rural development policies and reforms);
-  Enhanced cooperation with regions and territorial administrative units with a special status (ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia);
-  Enhanced policy dialogue with civil society organisations in the agriculture and rural development sector.


Target groups:

All citizens living in rural areas, employees within agriculture and other industries located in rural areas, and businesses in agriculture as well as rural SMEs and civil society organizations.

-  618 million MDL were paid in 2016 as subsidies to 4 894 farmers and agro-food business operators;
-  Around 3000 farmers have adopted new production techniques for increasing productivity and quality of production;
-  99 livestock farms have been upgraded to comply with food safety requirements;
-  184 host-harvest processing units were modernized;
-  3 500 ha of new vineyards were established;
-  100 new jobs created directly related to improved living conditions in rural areas (upcoming);
-  120,000 persons benefited from improved services and renovated infrastructure  (upcoming).

-  Increase competitiveness of the agri-food sector;
-  Increase of employment opportunities in rural areas;
-  Decreased poverty;
-  Improved standards of living.



One of the main shortcomings in the agriculture and rural development sector is the lack of competitiveness of agricultural products, migration of people leaving in rural areas and lack of employment opportunities in rural areas.

Increase of competitiveness in the sector and improved standards of living, reduced poverty in rural areas through investments in modernisation of farms and agro-food establishment, creation of employment opportunities via investment support to start-ups and SMEs in rural areas and investments in small scale infrastructure will bring about the necessary momentum for enhancing socio-economic development in the regions of Moldova.

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