Техническая помощь ЕС для реализации контракта по отраслевой реформе „Европейская программа соседства для сельского хозяйства и развития сельских районов” (ENPARD)

Stronger economy
2.650.000 Eвро
Agrotec SpA
2018 - 2018

For the ENPARD SRC, the main stakeholders will be MAFI and its subordinated agencies including AIPA, AIC and etc. Other important stakeholders will include NFSA (under the State Chancellery), the Moldsilva Agency (forest and hunting) and Apele Moldovei (water resources), which are subordinated to other Moldovan governmental agencies than MAFI, as well the National Bureau of Statistics. Also included will be the service providers, notably the agricultural education and research institutions, the National Agency for Rural Development, the Regional Environmental Centre - Moldova and other service-providing NGOs.

Ultimate beneficiaries of the SRC will be the Moldovan farmers, agricultural enterprises and rural population at large that will, especially, benefit from improved service delivery, improved competitiveness of the agro-food sector through restructuring and modernisation, improved and sustainable management of natural resources and improved living and working conditions in rural areas.



-  Improved capacities of MAFI, its subordinated agencies and units and NFSA in the preparation, management and reporting of the budget support sector programme implementation in accordance with the procedures, standard documents and guidelines in force;
-  Improved capacities of MAFI, its subordinated agencies and units and NFSA in planning and implementation of the sector development policy and comprehensive ENPARD based programme, its monitoring, evaluation and auditing based on both EU and Government of Moldova requirements;
-  Reinforced sector's policy dialogue and aid coordination.

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