Inform, Empower, Act! Civil Society for good budgetary governance in Moldova

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1,150,000.00 EUR
Independent Think Tank “Expert-Grup”, Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE), Konrad Adenauer Stiftung e.V. (KAS), Eastern European Studies Centre (EESC)
2019 - 2020
The general objective of the project is to enhance civil society contribution to a higher level of transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of overall budget creation and execution at the local level through participation and oversight, thus, a clear and transparent citizen and civil society involvement in the decision making process.

Specific objectives:

  • To increase the level of information, awareness and motivation among the population and civil society at the local level about the budgetary process: importance of analyzing the local budgets, discussing spending priorities, monitoring the budgetary execution, with emphasis on procurements for large investment projects;

  • To empower the population and civil society at the local level with appropriate knowledge, tools and frameworks to take a more active role in consultations, contribution and oversight of the local public policies and budgets;

  • To enhance the involvement of the population and civil society in public policy development, budgetary processes monitoring and oversight activities of the public spending.


The objectives will be achieved by three Pillars of project activities, as follows: Awareness, Empowerment, Action, each having subsequent activities and specific actions that will be implemented throughout project timeline. 


Target groups and final beneficiaries:

The main target group are the civil society organizations active at local level as well as the local activists. Further the members of local coalitions from 25 LPAs, created and led by 5 regional CSOs acting as key local implementing partners in North, Centre, South, Gagauzia and Transnistria regions (on average, 5 LPAs per implementing partner). It is estimated that each local coalition will include around 30 members (CSOs and local activists, as well as representatives of LPAs), making a total of 750 final beneficiaries of the project throughout the country. 

The entire population of beneficiary localities will be the final beneficiaries of the action, which, by project end, could reach about 400 – 500 thousand persons. 


The project pursues three outcomes:

  •  Short-term outcome: increased participation of CSOs into the budgetary process at the local level.

  •  Medium-term outcome: increased transparency of accountability of LPAs in relation to the budgetary process. 

  •  Long-term impact: improved impact of local budgets on local development.


Contact details:

A.O. Centrul Analitic Independent Expert-grup


Adrian Lupusor, Executive Director


phone nr.: +37322 929994 


The Institute for European Policies and Reform


Iulian Groza, Executive Director


phone nr.: +373 22 788 978


Konrad Adenauer Stiftung e.V. (KAS) 



Phone nr.:  +49 22 41 246 - 0


Eastern European Studies Centre (EESC) 



Phone nr.: +370 5 270 5993

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