The Ungheni Palace of Justice

Stronger governance
60,000,000.00 MDL
Government of the Republic of Moldova
2014 - 2018
The opening of the Ungheni Palace of Justice took place on 9th of February 2018. The new Justice Palace in Ungheni has 8 European-level courtrooms scheduled for day-to-day sessions (4 for criminal cases and 4 for civil cases). Also, in cases where children are involved, there is a specially arranged room for hearing minors so that children feel protected.

The court has an office for mediation, open to citizens who want to conclude litigation before they reach the court, a special office for lawyers with a room dedicated to witnesses, a special office for prosecutors with a room dedicated to witnesses, 4 detention cells (up to 20 inmates) with maximum human rights standards, underfloor heating, current ventilation, private bathroom and a special office meeting with lawyers.

The staff of the Palace of Justice in Ungheni is composed of: 12 judges, 12 clerks, 12 judiciary assistants, 12 specialists and 14 persons representing the specialized and auxiliary technical staff.

Ungheni Palace of Justice has 4620 square meter, 7 levels, a basement designated for arrests and an auxiliary room sector. Over 60 million MDL were invested from the EU Justice Budget Support Programme and the construction was completed in about 3 years.

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The Ungheni Palace of Justice
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