Twinning Project for the Land and Cadastre Relations Agency (ALFC)

Stronger governance
1.122.515 Euro
Swedesurvey, Sweden; SGA, Croatia
2014 - 2016
The aim of the project is to improve the mapping system in line with EU standards and international best practices for managing geographic data.

The goal was achieved by:

-  the foundation for the creation of INDS in accordance with INSPIRE Directive 2007/2 / EC and international best practices regarding the management of geographical data;

-  development of ALFC capabilities both technically and administratively in one of its main tasks as INDS national coordinator;

-  developing the capabilities of the ALFC and the stakeholders of the project, both from a technical and administrative point of view, as their space data providers, and

   improving the understanding of IDS and improving cooperation between the public authorities that participated in the project.


Achievements of the project:

- Awareness of the role of INDS has increased;

- The National Strategy for Spatial Data Infrastructure of Moldova for 2015-2020 and the Action Plan for its implementation were elaborated;

- The Law on national spatial data infrastructure was developed;

- The analysis of the training needs was performed and the training material was elaborated;

- ALFC officials and beneficiaries of the project were trained in the main Components of the INDS;

- A Collaboration Agreement on the implementation of the national spatial data infrastructure (INDS) was elaborated;

- The concept of Business Model for ALFC (including its companies) and Fee Model for data exchange were introduced;

- The tool for the development of network services has been developed and installed;

- A Cooperation Agreement on the demonstration of the IDS solution in the pilot area has been developed and signed in accordance with EU best practices;

- The role of the ALFC in the INDS company has been redefined, an INDS coordination structure has been developed and the goals and responsibilities of the different actors in the infrastructure have been defined and described;

- The IDS solution for the pilot area was demonstrated.

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