Technical Assistance to Support the National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova

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EUR 1,799,900.00
Italian Geographical Society - Research and Development Unit (URS); Italian Institute of Statistics – ISTAT; Statistics Poland; Statistics Denmark.
2019 - 2021
The overall objective of the project is strengthening the capabilities of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) of the Republic of Moldova for effective approximation to EU norms and standards in line with Chapter 6 to the Association Agreement between the European union and the Republic of Moldova, including systematic production of gender and age disaggregated data, wherever appropriate.

In particular, the Project aims at: 


  • strengthening the National Bureau of Statistics coordination role of the National Statistical System and its capacity to access and use administrative registers and other data sources of Moldovan institutions for statistical purposes aimed at enhancing public trust, high quality and accurateness of data provided and processed;


  • promoting harmonisation of statistics in line with the EU and international standards by enabling efficient and effective production, analysis and dissemination of official statistics, following best practices as implemented in the European Statistical System by adopting new technologies and methods for data collection and processing.


The expected results of the Project are:


  •  Provide relevant and sufficient professional skills to the statisticians and support staff of the NBS and other data producers to produce high quality data and harmonize existing methodologies for national statistics;


  • Successful application of the EU statistical standards in Moldova by transferring knowledge and best practices to the NBS on statistical production and dissemination;


  • Set-up institutional mechanisms (HR policy, rules and procedures) for human resource development, maintenance and improving performance of the NBS  staff;


  • Revise the legislation that affects the production of official statistics and increase the access and use of administrative data for statistical purposes of enhancing the coordination of the National Statistical System (NSS) and simplifying templates for interviews and data collection.


  • Review the statistical processes, identify the international quality standards to be applied at national level and set-up corresponding rules and procedures of quality management system to be gradually implemented into the NSS. 


  • Develop guidelines and quality reports for statistical processes, as well as policies on statistical data management with respect to data confidentiality, de-personalisation and access to micro-data;


  • Transfer competences and skills in the implementation of quality standards for the statistical production processes used by the NBS at the level of other data producers and their certification with the status of official statistical data producer.


  • Improve data production in macroeconomic, agricultural, business and social domains in compliance with European and international standards;  


  • Develop new statistical surveys, diversify statistical products and services and take full advantage of other available data sources; 


  • Foster better cooperation and coordination with other data producers (central and local public authorities responsible for official and administrative data) to ensure their contribution to compliance with EU and international standards and requirements in statistics.


  • Develop an integrated informational system in order to systematically standardise the applications in each phase of the production process, including metadata system;


  • Diversify and modernise data collection, imputation, validation methods and dissemination tools by applying new information and communication technologies, tools and procedures to ensure prompt response to users’ requirements and improve statistical services;


  • Enable the use of modern technologies and devices for data collection, processing, storage and dissemination of statistical information by providing targeted technical and technological assistance.




National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova

Ms. Aurelia Spataru - Deputy General Director


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Mr. Piero Fibbi

Italian Geographical Society - Research and Development Unit (URS) 

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