Technical Assistance to the Sector Budget Support Programme on Economic Stimulation in Rural Area (ESRA)

Stronger economy
3,737,350 EUR
GFA Consulting Group led consortium
2010 - 2015
The programme to help Moldova address challenges or rural poverty and unemployment by creating new rural business opportunities and jobs. To contribute to a more balanced economic development in the RM with focus on rural areas through  more efficient economic policies at country and sector level, better coordination mechanisms and more transparent and efficient financing mechanisms
Rural businesses get more access to finance — Thanks to the ESRA programme, access to finance (grants and loan guarantees) for rural business improved significantly under four key national schemes:the ‘National programme for economic employment of youth’; the ‘PARE 1+1 remittances’ investment attraction programme’; the ‘Programme of the Moldovan Agriculture Intervention and Payment Agency’; and the ‘Loan guarantee scheme’ of ODIMM, the Moldovan SMEs’ development organisation. The four schemes combined awarded more than 3 000 grants and offered 200 loan guarantees, underpinning the creation of more than 10 000 new jobs (three in 10 held by women).

Business incubators help develop new ideas — The rural business infrastructure improved, with the creation of eight new business incubators in the rural areas of Leova, Stefan Voda, Rezina, Singerei, Cosnita, Cedir Lunga, Nisporeni and Cimislia.

Entrepreneurship becomes part of labour policies — The ESRA programme provided more than 900 training days on entrepreneurship and small business development to staff from national and local public administrations. At the same time, the Ministry of Education introduced a new curriculum on entrepreneurship for technical and professional schools; more than 400 students enrolled in the first school year (2012/13). As part of the dialogue on sector reforms, labour legislation was adjusted to reflect national commitments on gender equality and women’s participation in the labour market.

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Strada Constantin Tănase 7, Chișinău 2005, Moldova
+373 22 29 22 11

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