Technical Assistance to Improve Public Finance Policy and Public Financial Management in Moldova

Stronger economy
3.3 million Euro
Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova
2015 - 2018
The TA Project assists the implementation of the Strategy through seven components: fiscal policy formulation, and revenue projection and analysis; annual and medium‐term budget planning; budget transparency and public access to key fiscal information, including the development of a Citizen’s Budget; treasury management and the development of an adequate system of government accounting and reporting; debt management; public investment management; advice on design and implementation of the EU budget support instrument.


-  Improved fiscal governance, macroeconomic forecasting and revenue projection for setting fiscal targets and the level of expenditures compatible with these targets over the medium term;
-  Improved annual and medium-term budget planning (MTBF) to enhance budget discipline and credibility;
-  Improved budget transparency and public access to key fiscal information, to increase the citizens’ access and understanding of the Budget;
-  Improved treasury management to ensure effective control of expenditure, including an adequate system of accounting and reporting;
-  Improved debt management;
-  Improved mechanisms for prioritising capital proposals taking into account the economic and financial benefits of the projects;
-  Improved capacity of the MoF to participate effectively in the formulation and coordinate the implementation of the EU budget support programmes.

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Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova
+ 373 22 262684; + 373 79632339

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