Technical assistance and capacity building activities in the health sector between both banks of the Nistru river

Stronger society
1.500.000 Euro
World Health Organization, Country Office in the Republic of Moldova
2015 - 2018
The  overall  objective  of  the  action  is  to  improve  the  health status of the population in the Republic of Moldova, particularly in the Transnistrian region, and to contribute to the approximation of healthcare standards between both banks of Nistru river by strengthening health policy analysis and action planning capacities of the health authorities and improving  public  health  services  and  actions  on  non- communicable diseases applying international guidelines and standards.

General population of the Republic of Moldova, particularly of Transnistrian region with special focus on most vulnerable groups.



Project has used various formats of capacity building tools, such as trainings, workshops and working groups, roundtable discussions, summer schools and conferences. More than 450 health specialists from both banks of Nistru River took part in capacity building activities during the project implementation.  Best available international guidance tailored to specific needs and best practices and experiences were transposed to target groups. 

Project contributed in rapprochement of capacities in exposure to international standards and guidelines, in mode of service provision and selection of services - crucial in enabling population health improvement. The initiative achieved several objectives, such as: training of 30 nurses in Chisinau; agreement to deliver a 6-weeks training by the School of Management in Public Health from Chisinau; transposition of tobacco control measures to left bank; harmonization of health information systems.

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29, Sfatul Tarii street, Chisinau
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