Sustainable community partnerships to support the rights of persons belonging to minorities in the Republic of Moldova

Stronger society
380,000 Euro
Terre des Hommes Moldova, Institute for Rural Initiatives
2017 - 2020
The project aims to enhance the protection of human rights and fight against discrimination of ethnic minorities in the Republic of Moldova. 

The project expected results include strengthening of the school role in educating and promoting tolerance, diversity and social inclusion; ensuring the interethnic dialogue among community members; mobilizing Roma people to take an active role in eradication of stereotypes and prejudices and to stand up for their rights; and empowering communities to facilitate the ethnic minorities’ access to local protection systems. Major project activities focus on developing a social theatre training programme for school children, developing a training programme for teachers, setting up a network of 200 children who will act as agents of change and contribute to promoting tolerance in the community by using the social theatre methodology, establishing an Academy for young leaders which will promote human rights through social activism, and providing small grants aiming to support local communities in increasing civic engagement, tolerance, and inclusion of minorities.

The project will involve the following target groups in 20 communities from 15 raions: children and their parents; teachers; community multidisciplinary teams; representatives of local public authorities; community initiative groups; and communities at large.


The following communities were selected to participate in the project:


Ungheni raion: Sculeni, Frasinesti
Straseni raion: Lozova
Orhei raion: Ciocalteni
Ocnita raion: Otaci
Comrat raion: Gaidar
Ciadir-Lunga raion: Baurci
Drochia raion: Zgurita, Gribova, Chetrosu
Causeni raion: Salcuta
Cahul raion: Zarnesti, Ursoaia, Alexanderfeld
Calarasi raion: Raciula
Soroca raion: Cainarii - Vechi


Project specific beneficiary groups:
  1. 40 children who will learn the innovative methodology of social theatre as a means of promoting the European values, tolerance and gender equality, and who will contribute to reducing discrimination by applying this methodology;
  2. 200 children who will become agents of change by making and participating in social theatre performances;
  3. 100 young leaders who will promote the multicultural dialogue and will promote human rights in their community;
  4. 100 teachers who will promote tolerance, diversity, gender equality, inclusion and non-discrimination among children and parents through psychosocial activities;
  5. 20 minority initiative groups empowered to promote their own initiatives;
  6. 200 professionals, members of the multidisciplinary local teams, who will have the necessary instruments and abilities to ensure adequate protection of ethnic minorities.




-  Strengthen the role of the school as a place to educate and foster tolerance, gender equality, human rights, diversity and social inclusion.
-  Grow civic engagement of minorities by providing concrete tools and facilitation for an effective human rights enjoyment while fighting stereotypes, prejudice and other barriers to interethnic dialogue.
-  Increase the capacity of local communities to facilitate improved access and inclusion of minorities into the local protection systems. 

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Terre de hommes Moldova (Tdh Moldova)
+373 22 238039; +373 22 238637

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