Support for VET Sector in the Republic of Moldova

Stronger society
3.546.876 Euro
German company GOPA Worldwide Consultants
2014 - 2017
The main scope and objective of the project is to support the reform of the VET sector in Moldova and to prepare the main actors in the field of Vocational Education and Training to improve the quality of professional education in Moldova.
To improve the governance of the VET system in Moldova by reforming the VET institutions network and enhancing the quality of the learning processes and learning outcomes in line with the labour market demands.
Specific objectives:

-  To assist the Government in implementing the structural reform in VET and to improve the social dialogue by establishing 5 or more Sector Committees in the most important economic sectors;
-  To develop the framework for quality assurance and quality management in VET, as well as to improve the quality of the learning processes and learning outcomes in the 5 selected sectors;
-  To strengthen the capacities of the key stakeholders involved in the upcoming VET Budget;
-  Support Programme and to assist them in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Budget Support;
-  To raise the awareness of the VET professionals and the general public on the new reformed VET system.

Address map and contacts

180 Stefan cel Mare blvd., of. 1208, Chisinau, MD 2004
+373 22 857121

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