Support to Strengthening the National Preventive Mechanism as per OPCAT Provisions

Stronger society
619.878 Euro
2009 - 2011
The project aims to contribute to the progressive prevention of the prevalence/incidence of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment by strengthening the National Preventive Mechanism in compliance with the UN CAT/OPCAT requirements and through an overall national human rights protection and promotion system. The action provides for a Human Rights-Based Approach, connecting “duty bearers” and “rights holders”, and for a systemic approach towards the identified priority development area. It focuses on strengthening the institutional capacity of the newly created NPM and Ombudsperson Institution/Centre for Human Rights and empowering its members to monitor the institutions with higher risks of occurrence of torture, to identify the cases and the victims of torture, as well as to report and raise awareness about the situation in this field. The project shall also aim at creating and fostering partnerships between NPM and specialised NGOs and public authorities, to ensure an effective response to cases of torture. Assistance in the rehabilitation of the identified victims, as well as building awareness of the public about the mechanism and ways to prevent torture are an inclusive part of the proposed action.

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