Support to the professional capacity development and motivation of the Public Administration employees in the Republic of Moldova

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1,994,200.00 EUR
CPM International OU
2018 - 2020
  The overall objective of Motivation project is to contribute to the horizontal public administration reform process in Moldova by improving efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of Moldovan Public Administrations on national and sub-national level in line with the European Principles of Public Administration defined by the SIGMA Program and improving professional capacity and motivation of public employees. The Motivation project team is supporting the enhancement of the existing public servants’ system with advice to responsible authority (State Chancellery) in revising the previous normative system and system of public servants’ professional development. The Motivation project team consists of number of Senior and Junior experts from variety of areas, including legal, capacity building and training experts from several EU and IPA countries and from the Republic of Moldova.


Through the project activities, it is planned to achieve three main results. The first one aims to update the legal framework, salary system and training curricula for all public institutions in the Republic of Moldova. Also, in terms of the project, one of the set objectives is to reduce politicisation in public administration. The project team reviewed legal framework, and compare it with SIGMA principles of public administration. Job descriptions of civil servants will be revised and amended, recruitment procedures will be implemented on the basis of merit, the civil service professional development will be initiated, and performance appraisal will be revised and put into function. Also, a comprehensive Capacity Needs Analysis was done and the overall programme for civil service training will be prepared and partially implemented by the project team. 


The second main output of the project is the link between Human Resource Management system and salary system by a set of activities: establishment and implementation of HRM IT System, training of the civil servants that will be involved and will be using the system.


The third result of the project is the improvement of professional capacity and motivation of the civil servants from Republic of Moldova. There will be implemented a set of activities that might include the process of designing and establishment of the monitoring system, testing the system, implementing the system throughout the public institutions. 



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