Support to the implementation of DCFTA process in Moldova SRC

Stronger economy
16,040,000.00 EUR
European Commission
2014 - 2018
The overall objective of the DCFTA SRC and its complementary support was to assist the Government of Moldova in promoting sustainable and inclusive growth, and consolidating and improving democratic and economic governance and ensure further economic development.

The project aims at improving key competitiveness aspects in line with the policies and reforms outlined in the Association Agreement (AA)/DCFTA in the areas of quality infrastructure, market surveillance and enforcement, including industrial and non-industrial products and services, SME competitiveness through the development and diversification of the Moldovan internal and external market conditions and opportunities.


Target groups:


Moldovan citizens, Entrepreneurs, SMEs as well as the Ministry of Economy and its subordinated institutions (ODIMM, MIEPO, CPA, MOLDAC, ANSA). The DCFTA awareness creation activities covered a wide range of target groups including but not limited to Moldovan civil servants, domestic businesses, potential Moldovan exporters and Moldovan citizens in general.



Since its inception in 2014, the DCFTA SRC has:
-  Purchased for selected Moldovan Testing Laboratories as well as the Moldovan Consumer Protection Agency and the Moldovan Food Safety Agency a wide range of EU-compliant testing equipment and testing materials;
-  Introduced new product and service control procedures in the Moldovan Consumer Protection Agency and the Moldovan Food Safety using the risk-based management analysis approach;
-  Provided over 1,000 individual SME competitiveness business grants, specifically targeting women entrepreneurs;
-  Organised over 25 specific export missions to key potential EU markets for Moldovan would-be and existing exporters covering a wide range of sectors including but not limited to fruit and vegetables, automotive industry, textiles, ICT and machinery and machinery equipment;
-  Ensured the participation of over 7,500 participants (of which more than 4,000 women) in various DCFTA Visibility and Communication Events.




-  A significant shift in Moldova’s trade pattern with the EU (since the DCFTA SRC implementation the EU already represents over 60% of total Moldovan exports);
-  An increased competitiveness of Moldovan businesses on domestic and international markets, including the diversification of Moldovan products and services through the provision of individual business development grants to Moldovan SMEs, leading to over 2,000 new full-time jobs created since 2014 of which over 800 female jobs;
-  The access by Moldovan consumers to a wider range of higher value consumer products and services.



The DCFTA SRC directly contributed to the effective and efficient implementation of the EU-Moldova Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) Agreement, an integral part of the EU-Republic of Moldova Association Agreement, which itself came into force 26 November 2015.



The DCFTA SRC has created new opportunities for trade and economic growth and made trade governance and policy-making in the country more open and inclusive. In the process, the DCFTA SRC thus helped to generate new jobs, lower prices and provide better standards of consumer protection.  The new type of controls based on risk analysis will allow the sustainable implementation of the new rules and regulations based on EU acquis.


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