Support to Government of Moldova on capacity building of the forensic laboratories of the Ministry of Interior

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4 424 231.19 Euro
Agrotec SpA.​
2015 - 2016
The overall objective of the contract is to provide specific equipment for the forensic laboratories of the Ministry of Interior in order to build capacity of these laboratories.

An Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and laboratory equipment have been successfully supplied. The equipment has been supplied in the following forensic laboratories: Chisinau, Balti, Cahul, Causeni, Ungheni.


The following equipment has been supplied to Cahul forensic laboratory:

-  One Latent workstation (1 PC for latent workstations (1 PC monitor, 1 printer, 1 scanner);
-  Three Stereo microscopes with PC connection (3 microscopes, 3 cameras, 3 PC systems, 3 monitors, 3 printers)


The equipment supplied is of a high quality level and commensurate with that used in laboratories within developed forensic systems.

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