Support to efficient prevention and fight against corruption in the justice sector

Stronger governance
2.000.000 Euro
Hulla and co Human Dynamics KG
2018 - 2020
The primary objective of this project is to accelerate the sustainable reform of the justice sector in Moldova by supporting the implementation of the legislation to prevent and combat corruption in the justice sector.

This will be achieved by supporting the implementation of best practices in order to reduce the level of corruption in the justice sector and increase public trust in the Beneficiaries; by supporting the implementation of an efficient disciplinary mechanism for each target group; and by developing the capacity of the Beneficiaries to take ownership of the information, with special emphasis on the National Institute of Justice.


  1. The integrity of the Beneficiaries is enhanced;
  2. Zero tolerance is promoted and implemented with respect to the corrupt behavior of the Beneficiaries, which includes both prevention and criminal prosecution of large-scale corruption;
  3. The internal and external communication of the Beneficiaries is improved;
  4. Consolidated position and capacities of the Beneficiaries;

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