Support to the DCFTA process in the Republic of Moldova

Stronger economy
1,927,000.00 Euro
EUROPEAN PROFILES S.A. in consortium with ArchidataS.R.L, Avensa Conulting S.R.L and EBI-HRTA Sarl
2013 - 2017
This project was an “horizontal” project with the aim to support the DCFTA process in the Republic of Moldova by enhancing capacities in the areas of policy design. The key partner was the Ministry of Economy which is in charge of the overall coordination and monitoring of the DCFTA implementation process, including both policy implementation and institutions. However, other line Ministries and Institutions involved in the DCFTA process as well Business Associations were also within the target groups.

Project Purpose:


  • Provide Research and Policy Advice to Groups of Officials Involved in Implementing the DCFTA 

  • Draft and Approximate Legislation, Analyse and Present European Body Law, Compare and Suggest Amendments to Moldovan Law 

  • Capacity-Building and Public-Awareness on DCFTA 


The Project had to support the Ministry of Economy on:


  • Policy issues - to identify key areas crucial for DCFTA implementation and to define, in a systematic way, the gaps/needs and roadmaps for an effective DCFTA implementation as well as issues related to the establishment of structures and systems to enable the Moldovan Government to effectively coordinate, manage and monitor DCFTA Implementation; 

  • Approximation issues -- to enable them to keep deadlines already agreed within the DCFTA agenda; 

  • Communication and public awareness issues -- to make clear to both the Moldovan administration (at central and regional level) and the business community, directly affected by DCFTA implementation, of the benefits of the Agreement.

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