Strengthening the Transplant Agency of the Republic of Moldova and support in legal approximation in the area of quality and safety of substances of human origin

Stronger society
1.200.000 Euro
Agence de la Biomédecine (ABM), France Donation & Transplantation Institute (DTI), Spain Organitzacio Catalana de Transplantaments (OCATT), Spain ADECRI, France FIIAPP, Spain
2013 - 2015
The transplantation of human organs, tissues and cells is a strongly expanding field of medicine offering great opportunities for the treatment of as yet incurable diseases. The overall objective of the project was to contribute to a better quality and safety of transplantations of human organs, tissues, and cells in the Republic of Moldova.

The project purpose was to develop the transplant system in the Republic of Moldova and to strengthen the Transplant Agency by improving the institutional and legal framework, ensuring the quality standards and increasing knowledge, skills and practice, and ethics of the human resources.



1. Strengthening of the legislative and institutional framework.

2. Strengthening of the staff capacity.

3. Strengthening communication and information.


All the objectives of the project were achieved, although the implementation chapter remains a challenge. Main priorities were identified and hard work dedicated to the development of those. The launching and maintaining of the brain death donor program was one of those priorities, being most essential requisite for the subsistence of transplantation activity. The first utilized brain death donor was diagnosed 2 months after the start of the twinning, and despite different difficulties, the program has continued until know.
Progresses are palpable in the financing of the organ procurement activity.
Training component was very successful and well received, and the strong efforts made from all partners permitted to surpass the mandatory results in that component, doubling the number of professionals that could participate in different seminars, face to face and online training, traineeships, etc. Key professionals took part in specific training for trainers program and their participation in future education activities should be encouraged.
Communication and information activities have opened lines with several stakeholders not only in the health sector but also in the civil society and other professional groups; it is important to preserve and cultivate that network and encourage future collaborations.

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