Strengthening the response of non-state actors to growing needs of women who use drugs

Stronger society
649,500.00 EUR
2011 - 2015
The project overall objective is to build the capacity of non-state actors (NSAs) to engage in advocacy and provide services to women drug users that increase their access to HIV prevention, testing, treatment and prevention of mother-to-child transmission services.

Specific Objective 1: To improve access to and quality of HIV services for women who use drugs by adapting harm reduction and other services to the needs of women drug users in 14 localities.

Specific Objective 2: To strengthen partnerships, cooperation and sharing of good practices between the project partners and the NSAs of the countries involved in the project.

Specific Objective 3: To improve national policy related to the needs of women drug users by building the capacity of harm reduction and women's non-state agencies to constructively engage in policy dialogue.

Beneficiaries and target groups:

Final beneficiaries are women who use drugs in six target countries. The project will be targeted at regional and national networks, local non-state harm reduction services and other local services (both state and non-state).


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