Strengthening community-based support to multigenerational households left behind by migration in Moldova (UNDP/EC)

Stronger society
199.041 Euro
HelpAge International, UNDP
2009 - 2011
The project aimed to raise awareness of the vulnerability of migrants’ families among policy makers and service providers at all levels, increase the capacity of civil society and state authorities to provide them with effective support, and enhance intergenerational links between older carers and children.  The project collected direct evidence on the specific characteristics and needs of migrants’ families headed by older people, and particularly of multigenerational households, in 10 regions of Moldova. A network of older volunteers conducted community outreach activities through mini-grants to support vulnerable multigenerational households with older carers.
10 districts across Moldova (four urban and six rural) - Edinet, Orhei, Balti, Ialoveni, Hincesti, Leova, Cimislia, Basarabeasca, Comrat and Cahul. Over 600 multigenerational households caring for grandchildren were reached through the project by a group of 264 volunteers (215 older persons over 60 years of age and 49 younger volunteers with ages ranging between 35-47).

The project managed to break the stereotypes of migration as always being a source of enrichment of the affected households but also proved there are negative impacts, and particularly increasing the vulnerability of those left behind; the children and their older carers.

The concept of multigenerational households (MGHs) introduced in the project has been accepted largely at local and national levels, however it took time to gather evidence necessary to prove the vulnerability of MGHs and their specific needs.

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