Strengthening the capacity of CSOs for inclusive participation in society of the most marginalised parents and children

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CCF Moldova – Children Families Communities and Hope and Homes for Children (HHC) UK
2015 - 2017
The 3 years project strengthened the role of 28 civil society organizations (CSO) in promoting children's rights and contributing to the reform of the child protection system in Moldova.

28 CSOs from 13 districts of the country worked hand in hand with Local Public Authorities to make a change for families and children from social-vulnerable backgrounds. As a result, over 900 families with children benefited from help and support from community where they live.

The local CSOs has benefited from regular coaching, mentoring, capacity building trainings and small grants. At the same time, special events and round tables were organized in which the CSOs had a key role as catalyst and advocate of most vulnerable ones. In order to bring sustainable and touching people to people results, 22 selfadvocates were identified and benefitted from guidance and mentorship in order to inspire other people and to generate change.


The CSOs have reported a higher level of understanding and application of advocacy practice, a better understanding of child protection and reported a better visibility of their organization and its activity at the county level. The final beneficiaries of the action are children at risk. One of the main results achieved after the action implementation is the 47% decrease in number of children aged 0-7 from vulnerable and underrepresented groups being admitted into institutions for children (Balti and Chisinau Institutions for Babies).


The following results have been achieved:


-  28 CSOs improved advocacy capacities;
-  108 child protection professionals were trained;
-  977 of vulnerable families were identified and supported;
-  22 self-advocates were identified and supported.


An important added value activity was the public appeal on the authorities to identify viable funding opportunities in the context of financial decentralisation, in order to implement the 2014-2020 Child Protection Strategy. The appeal was sent to the parliament, office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family, as well as it was presented during the only meeting of the National Child Rights Protection Council in April 2016, in presence of PM. In May 2016, as a follow up activity the MLSPF has created a WG on social services funding and we were invited to take part – this way, we could follow up on our advocacy efforts.

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