South Open Gate of Moldova for Businesses and Investments Promotion

Stronger economy
336,121.00 Euro
The Cimislia Rayonal Council in partnership with the Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises Sector Development (ODIMM) and the South Regional Development Agency
2018 - 2018
The project is funded by the European Union under the "Mayors for Economic Growth" initiative. The geographical coverage area comprises the eight districts of the Southern Development Region: Basarabeasca, Cahul, Cantemir, Causeni, Cimislia, Stefan Voda, Leova and Taraclia. The main objective of the project is focused on local economic development, improving the competitiveness of SMEs in the South Region  by targeting foreign investment in the local economy. as well as providing high quality services for business development across the region.
-  The Network of Service Providers for SMEs in the South Development Region (SDR) developed;
-  Business Support Providers in RD South able to provide advice to SME based on their needs and interest;
-  4 functional Help Desk support offices in the districts of the region where there is no business incubator developed;
-  About 300 entrepreneurs with improved business management capabilities;
-  8 investment profiles of districts and 1 catalogue of investment opportunities for SDR elaborated and published;
-  1 functional investment portal developed;
-  1 Regional Investment Forum organized.

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