The Social Reintegration of Vulnerable and Marginalised Older People in Rural communities of Southern Moldova

Stronger society
249.085 Euro
HelpAge International, Second Breath, Rural Social Initiative
2005 - 2007
The project aimed to increase the social reintegration of vulnerable and marginalised older people into Moldovan society through strengthening of civil society organisations in the rural communities of south Moldova and facilitation of their engagement with both local and national government. The project supported an experienced ageing-specific NGO in the north to provide expert knowledge within a developing Moldovan network whilst working closely with an NGO in the south to support older people in rural areas.
The target group was vulnerable older people in south Moldova. Main activities were training workshops for 6 CBOs (in: planning and project management; recruitment and training of volunteers; advocacy/lobbying; fundraising; publicity and working with the media; training of trainers); establishment of older people’s support groups; project newsletters, exchange visits and revision of a good practice manual; a media campaign run by older people with CBO support and a national conference on the situation of older people in Moldova.

The project contributed to enrich learning by having perspectives from the South and North of Moldova working together. The project has provided valuable insights into North-South diversity, which has enabled having a broader perspective of issues confronting older people across the country. Furthermore, the project highlighted older people issues at Central/Republican level with the relevant ministries, institutional donors and civil society networks, which has begun modestly to mainstream older people issues as far as development aid and institutional reforms processes are concerned.

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