School of Robotics (GaMoCon)

Stronger society
6589.00 Euro
AO “RoboTech”
2018 - 2018
The main objectives of the project are: Non-formal education. Learning the basics of robotics. The study of the principles of operation of a drone. Practical work with a robot and a drone. Study the necessary software. Possibility to learn a text programming language in the future. Participation in competitions in "sports robotics".
Students of the Lyceum named after D. Mavrodi older than 11 years and other students who have passed the entrance test.


- The necessary equipment has been purchased;

- The equipment is configured and optimized for the software;

- Supporting equipment is being prepared;

- The entrance test is made;

- The curriculum is made;

- Typed group on teaching of robotics;

- Prepared tasks of high complexity for capable students.

Address map and contacts

Lyceum named after D. Mavrodi, Comrat
+373 78414223

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