Rehabilitation of the water supply system in the Rayon Nisporeni: Municipalities of Nisporeni, Varzaresti and Grozesti, Republic of Moldova

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5,000,000.00 Euro
Austrian Development Agency (ADA)
2010 - 2016
The objective of the Project was to provide people in the Municipalities of Nisporeni, Varzaresti and Grozesti with sufficient and safe drinking water, to create an institution capable to sustainably operate, manage and maintain the new water supply infrastructure as well as balanced local water governance.

-  A fully functional new water supply system;

In total of 101.87km drinking water distribution networks was constructed including 3,938 physical service connections. The new water infrastructure provides safe and sufficient drinking water to approx. 15,774 people or 76% of the total population.

 -  A fully functional operation/management institution for the water supply system.



The Project will have a significant impact on the three Municipalities and the region through improving considerably public health; boosting the local and regional economy; creating the necessary basis, infrastructure and institutional capacity  for the Municipalities to extend the water supply system without the financial support of international donors.


The expansion of clean water coverage area is also identified as one of the priorities set out by the Government of Moldova, as reflected in the National Strategy for Development of Water Supply and Sanitation, emphasizing an increasing access to clean water through expansion of its coverage to the rural and urban areas, thus leading to the enhancement of people’s health.

The sustainability of the project results was supported through institutional capacity building of a new regional water utility, established by beneficiary municipalities,  that is operating and maintaining the new water infrastructure. To ensure economic, financial and technical sustainability of the Project supported development of a tariff system, which will ensure that the revenues collected will be sufficient to cover operating and maintenance expenses of the new water supply system and the sewerage system, as well as expansion of water distribution sanitation network.

Communication, visibility and public awareness activities such as workshops, press releases, TV interviews, flyers and Project information signboards and memorial plates were produced in line with the EU communication and visibility guidelines during the Project implementation.

A large number of awareness building and public relation activities were performed in the beneficiary municipalities throughout the project implementation.

Information flyers and folders were prepared and disseminated for all households in Nisporeni, Varzaresti and Grozesti to explain people about benefits of the new water supply system and health risks from the use of the poor quality drinking water of the old water supply system and shallow dug well.

Progress with the project implementation was regularly published in EU Newsletters (8) and in local newspapers (32) press releases. Three media events were organised during the project implementation: Project Launch Ceremony; Sod Cutting Ceremony; Project Completion Ceremony.





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Rehabilitation of the water supply system in the Rayon Nisporeni: Municipalities of Nisporeni, Varzaresti and Grozesti, Republic
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