Quality Journalism for Democracy

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619,087.00 EUR
Association of Investigative Reporters and Editorial Security (RISE Moldova)
2016 - 2018
During the two years of implementation of the Quality Journalism for Democracy project RISE Moldova registered significant progress in building up the organization into a national centre of investigative journalism, with a video department and five regional independent investigation departments consisting of Romanian and Russian-speaking journalists. A department of investigative journalists connected to RISE Moldova was established in Transnistria too.
  • Due to project intervention, RISE Moldova have also increased number of professionals who work in the field of investigative journalism which is important for media from developing countries like Moldova. 66 journalistic investigations on both local and national issues have been published during year I of the project Quality Journalism for Democracy. 

  • 18 journalists from all over the country were trained to write investigative stories and are now publishing investigations in regional media, due to project intervention. 

  • RISE Moldova have also supported the media initiatives, and researching ensuring unrestricted access to information for journalists through legal instruments.

  • 15 regional journalists received grants of 2000 Euro. The grants were designed to provide technical assistance to the participants in order to make investigations on the local and national level. 

  • RISE Moldova has also succeed to implement new tools of financing: a ‘Donor Button’ has been placed on the website and on Facebook page of the association. RISE has also obtained the status of the CSO which can benefit of 2% Law. 

  • We’ve launched an interactive RISE Leaks platform – the tool of secure and anonymous communication between RISE Moldova journalists and whistle-blowers. 




Result 1. An active national network of investigative media centers that covers all regions of Moldova was created.

1.1  RISE Moldova was established as a national Centre of investigative journalism with a video department and five regional departments that cover each of the following regions: Centre, North, South, Gagauzia and Transnistria.

1.2  A national network of investigative centers affiliated to RISE Moldova was created. RISE journalist spent a total of 119 days for training-by-doing in the regional newsrooms.

1.3 RISE Leaks, an interactive platform was designed for citizens from all regions of Moldova to point issues that could become subjects of investigations.


Result 2. 15 local media professionals weretrained to make professional, independent, investigations on local and national issues that concern corruption, money fraud and crime.

2.1 A total number of 66 journalistic investigations on local and national issues that concern corruption, crime, money fraud and other irregularities were published during the two years of the project.

2.2. A total of 10 events have been organized during the project (trainings with local and international trainers, a Boot Camp, presentations of the Report on Transnistria and RISE Leaks platform and an Evaluation workshop).  

2.3 Four cases in court have been won and legal precedents were created to facilitate journalist's access to information and to protect them against ill-founded and abusive defamation lawsuits.


Result 3. Moldovan and international journalists were familiarized with media situation in Transnistria in order to make investigations and stories on subjects concerning this region.

3.1 The report: “Analysis of the situation of the media, access to information and freedom of expression in Transnistria.” was developed and presented to journalists. 

3.2 The practical guide, “Reporter in Transnistria” on access to information and tips on how to work as a foreign journalist in Transnistria has been developed and published.

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