Public-Private Partnership for the Sustainable Development of Locally Governed Disability Services: Supporting Decentralization Reform

Stronger society
241.401 Euro
Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association (Keystone Moldova)
2012 - 2014
The project promotes an inclusive and empowered society through public-private partnerships in five rayons for improved services delivery to people with disabilities and their families. This action aims at supporting the decentralization reform agenda and emphasizes the efficient transfer of competencies and ownership to Local Authorities (Anenii Noi, Dubăsari, Făleşti, Ungheni, Sîngerei); and will promote sustainable development of desperately needed services.
The project focuses on:


-  Development of Mobile Team services in 5 rayons (Anenii Noi, Dubasari, Falesti, Ungheni, Singerei);
-  Strengthening the capacities of the main stakeholders for social inclusion;
-  Improved quality of social care services for children with disabilities and their families;
-  Changing attitudes and development of inclusive community environment for people with disabilities in 5 rayons;
-  Dissemination of successful practices nationwide.


Target groups of the project:


Children with intellectual disabilities and their families in five rayons; Local Public Authorities; Social service professionals; Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family; community members in the regions of the action.


-  the “Mobile Team” social Service has been created and developed in the rayons of Dubasari, Anenii Noi, Singerei, Falesti and Ungheni to prevent the institutionalization of children with disabilities;
-  182 children, young people and their families in the five rayons were admitted to the Service and benefit from assistance and support at home offered by the Mobile Team specialists;
-  the Operational Handbook of the “Mobile Team” social Service was reviewed and approved by Decree No.107 of 19 June 2013 of the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family (MLSPF);
-  specialists of the “Mobile Team” social Service were recruited, hired and trained (20 specialists);
-  sustainability of Mobile team services are ensured and since 1 January 2014 all created services are financed from the state budget;
-  137 representatives of local public authorities, 132 social service providers from the five rayons have been trained in the area of social inclusion of persons with disabilities;
-  about 100 representatives of LPA were trained in making effective planning in order to develop Mobile team services and over 100 parents / legal representatives of the beneficiaries were trained in life skills development for people with disabilities;
-  about 80 school managers, teachers and support teachers of primary cycle from 12 preuniversity educational institutions were trained in inclusive education;
-  about 950 students from V-IX grade and 80 teachers from 10 preuniversity educational institutions participated at the social theater performances;
-  415 children from III-IV grade participated in demonstrative lessons on implementation of Curriculum  "Education for inclusion, tolerance, acceptance". 

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