Public Association Station of young technicians and innovators in the name of S.G. Nedealcov ”BIRICIK”

Stronger economy
2018 - 2018
The purpose of this project is the acquisition of students certain theoretical knowledge of electrical engineering and radio engineering. As well as the acquisition of students ' skills and use of power tools and burning thematic drawings on the tree.

This Project was supposed to open in the city of Comrat "Station of young technicians and innovators".

The station consists of 2 groups of electrical and radio engineering and 2 groups of woodworking. Students are divided into 2 groups due to the fact that in the city of Comrat two-shift form of education in high schools and lyceums.

Thanks to the Project, the groups were provided with teaching staff and training facilities (3d printer, computer, office desk, bench, electronic burning wood, joiner's tool and much more).


The existing models were made for long-term use:

1. "The current layout of the electric bike"

2. Operating stand "Accounting of electricity consumption in the house"

3. Children attraction "Eternal flight"

4. Children's attraction "Civil aviation 100 years"

Address map and contacts

106 Pobedi str., Comrat
+795 63 412373

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