Partnership for Good Governance II: Regional project on “Strengthening access to justice through non-judicial redress mechanisms for victims of discrimination, hate crime and hate speech in Eastern Partnership countries”

Stronger society
940,000.00 EUR
Council of Europe
2019 - 2021
The legislation on anti-discrimination, hate crime and hate speech is improved and implemented in line with European human rights standards

► Procedures and tools for disaggregated data gathering on hate crime are further strengthened

► The capacity of Equality bodies/ Ombudsoffices and NGOs to assist men and women from vulnerable groups in pursuing discrimination complaints through relevant non-judicial redress mechanisms is increased

► Awareness of the work of ‘equality bodies’ / Ombudsoffice and related non-judicial redress mechanisms is increased among women and men from vulnerable communities, general public, and NGOs.




► General public and victims of discrimination, hate crime and hate speech, will benefit from a greater protection of their rights through non-judicial redress mechanisms

► Equality bodies and/or Ombudsoffices

► Civil society organisations working with/representing vulnerable communities affected by discrimination, hate crime and hate speech

► Ministries of Justice, Ministries of Interior, Judiciary and law enforcement agencies




The project implementation phase started in May 2019 with working meetings in the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Armenia on strengthening the data collection procedures on discrimination, hate crime and hate speech. A regional meeting is foreseen for early autumn on the role of information and awareness raising on the function of an Equality Body/Ombudsoffice among vulnerable groups. Furthermore, Equality bodies, Ombudsoffices and NGO partners will participate in the ECRI 25th anniversary high level conference in Paris, and national trainings in Azerbaijan and Belarus and studies and research on discrimination foreseen for the remaining of 2019. 



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