Music room (GaMoCon)

Stronger society
6727.25 Euro
NGO "Helal Ornek"
2018 - 2018
Within the framework of the project, was created a music room where young people (including marginals) can spend their leisure time profitably, realize their creative potential, and also get an opportunity to express themselves through music. Besides, youth get an opportunity to visit music room just to listen to music or learn to play musical instruments, but marginalized communities can more easily socialize.

During the implementation period, the room was equipped with necessary musical instruments. Consequently, increased the creative activity of young people, increased the number of people involved in music, helped marginalized communities in their socialization. At the moment thanks to the music room was created already 2 new musical groups.



-  The number of young people who are systematically engaged in music increased;
-  Is made significant contribution to the process of successful socialization of marginalized communities;
-  Created a real opportunity for talented young musicians to create a band and realize themselves;
-  Children and young people can visit the music room for outside attendance, both for the purpose of direct participation, and as spectators and listeners for simple leisure activities.

The most large-scale event was the rock festival. The geography of the participants included such cities as Comrat ("Hi Mum" band), Taraclia (rock duet "S & J"), Chisinau (group "Ferum"), Tiraspol ("Lis Rock" group), as well as our local group "Chair" . The participants of the festival performed mostly works of their own compositions. Fans of rock music, who came to the concert, highly appreciated the level of performers and expressed their desire to make such a festival an annual event.

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