Information campaign in Moldova’s regions about the democratic situation and EU assistance for the country’s development

Stronger society
60,000.00 EUR
Consortium of 3 nongovernmental organizations: Association of Independent Press (API); National Environmental Centre and National Youth Council of Moldova
2019 - 2019
The major objective: Communicate to and familiarize the public in Moldovan regions with the current situation of the country development through an information campaign about the essence of the democratic reforms supported by the EU in Moldova, the benefits of the Association Agreement and the importance of Moldova fulfilling its commitments made at the European level.  

The main activities/results:


  • Organize and hold meetings in different formats and other activities to inform different target groups about the essence and degree of implementation of European reforms;
  • Publish and disseminate well-documented information materials in Romanian and Russian languages about the stage of implementation of the Association Agreement, the existing backlogs and the need to speed up the reforms;
  • Carry out TV programs and debates for better informing about the results of the European reforms planned for implementation in the Republic of Moldova and funded by the EU, including the reforms lagging behind and the possible consequences for the country’s development.
  • Information activities among young people on the benefits offered by the EU to the youth.




All Moldovan citizens and the society as a whole that will be better informed and will be able to contribute to relaunching the necessary reforms and to the real democratization of the country.


Address map and contacts

Chisinau, 41/5 Bucuresti street, MD 2012
022 22 09 96