Increased Efficiency, Accountability and Transparency of Courts in Moldova

Stronger governance
2,778,784 Euro
GIZ led consortium
2014 - 2018
The main objective of the project is to support the implementation of the sustainable reform of the justice sector in Moldova and to increase the efficiency of the judiciary and other agencies in the justice sector.
 Other objectives:


-  Support to implementation of Justice Sector Reform Strategy Pillar I and IV;
-  Contribution to legal framework of judiciary;
-  Increased efforts in the fight against corruption and increased ethics of the judiciary, including new code of ethics and respective trainings;
-  More transparency in the work of Superior Council of Magistrates, especially in the field of selection and promotion of judges;
-  Contribution to the implementation of the court optimization map;
-  Assistance in developing and implementing communication strategy and actions for the judiciary with regard to regaining trust of citizens and informing about benefits of judicial reform; activity includes the production and dissemination of an integrity video spot and a road show through the whole country.




The justice system has become more sensitive towards infringements of its new own ethical standards. The efforts in bringing the judiciary closer to the values of the European Union have resulted in a new code of ethics, a new training concept in this field and an ethics committee, which advises judges on ethical questions. The administration of justice and quality of the justice act has been increased through several measures like for example the specialisation of judges in pilots courts and contribution to a new version of ICMS, the “Integrated Case Management Software”. The judiciary has developed with the help of ATRECO a own communication strategy and a network of communicators for its implementation. Public relations with citizens and mass media have been strengthened and a system for constant customer feedback has been sent up. The Agency for Court Administration has been enabled to produce needs steered planned for new court infrastructure in line with best international practices.

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