Improvement of Regional Statistics in the Republic of Moldova

Stronger governance
1,945,049.67 Euros
2014 - 2017
The overall objective of the project was to support Moldova in advancing its economic, social and territorial cohesion with emphasis on policy development, legal and institutional framework for the efficient development of the regions of Moldova.

The project was structured in 4 Components, aiming to provide technical assistance to both producers and users of regional statistics:

Component 1: Identifying the goals of regional statistics

Component 2: Identification of statistics and required levels

Component 3: Development of systems for collecting, processing and making available the available regional statistics

Component 4: Development of systems and procedures for the use of regional statistics for regional development planning, for monitoring and evaluation purposes



 Improved regional statistics - in accordance with Eurostat standards for NUTS 2 and 3 level regions;

 Capacities validated between the responsible bodies relevant to the above results, including through the ability to produce, distribute and use regional statistics continuously;

 Improved system and sources for generating regional accounts according to ESA 95.


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