A gym for the most vulnerable sectors of society of the city of Comrat (GaMoCon)

Stronger society
9158 Euro
Public organization "Healthy European Generation"
2018 - 2018
The main idea of the project is creating a gym with free classes of arm-wrestling and power sports for children, teenagers, retirees in the city of Comrat, as well as holding competitions in arm-wrestling and power sports. The gym will accept all applicants who do not have health restrictions. Power sports generate fortitude and resilience, goal achievement and respect to opponent in the rising generation. We involved Department of Youth and Sports and volunteers as project partners.

The main outcome of the project is growth in public activity and establishing a close linkage between the residents of the city and the local government administration through: establishing a material and technical base capable of preparing and conducting competitions; giving an opportunity to engage in sports; creating sports club; opening first gym in the city free of charge; organization of workshops and other events such as Family Day, New Year's events can be held in the sports club.

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+373 784 77 112

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