The European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM)

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15 mil. Euro
International Organization for Migration
2005 - 2020
The Mission works with the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine to harmonise border management, customs and trade standards and procedures with those in EU. It contributes to cross border cooperation and confidence building, helping to improve efficiency, transparency and security along the Moldova-Ukraine border. The Mission has the Headquarters in Odesa (Ukraine), Country Offices in Ukraine and Moldova and 6 field offices.
The Mission’s aims are to:
  1. Contribute to Transnistrian  settlement process by supporting development of confidence-building measures and approximation of legislation and procedures in customs, trade, transport and trans-boundary management;
  2. Ensure the full implementation of Integrated Border Management (IBM) practices at the Moldova-Ukraine border;
  3. Assist Moldovan and Ukrainian authorities to combat cross-border crime more effectively.




-  EUBAM contributes towards the Transnistrian settlement process by sharing its expertise within several working groups related to the international negotiation mechanism (the “5+2” process). The Mission develops and advocates for technical confidence-building measures between Chisinau and Tiraspol on transport, customs, veterinary and phytosanitary, and law enforcement issues. In 2012, EUBAM’s proposals helped re-open rail freight through Transnistria that had been suspended for six years. Before that, in 2010, EUBAM played an important role in resuming the passenger train Chisinau – Odesa via Tiraspol, after a four-year hiatus. Starting from June 2016, EUBAM actively supported reducing journey time and making the train more attractive for cross border traveller. Thus in March 2017, with the Mission’s support, a modernized diesel train started its operation making travel between Chisinau and Odesa, via Tiraspol, shorter and more comfortable, thus facilitating people-to-people contacts in the region.
-  EUBAM worked with Moldova and Ukraine to help them meet the necessary standards of border control to receive for visa-free regime with the EU.
-  To decrease border crossing time for legitimate trade and travellers, EUBAM encourages partner services to apply joint border control tools so that travellers and goods stop for border control just once.  The Mission assisted with developing legislation, advised on the practical aspects of jointly operated border crossing points (JOBCP) and helped partner services to access international funding for integrated border management projects. EUBAM also promotes such modern mechanism of simplification of border checks for travellers and trade as One-Stop-Shop and Single Window.
-  EUBAM helps partners to fight transnational and cross border organised crime, promoting inter-agency and cross border cooperation in detection, investigation and enforcement of crime.  Special focus is given to combating smuggling of tobacco products, arms and munition, explosive and nuclear materials though enhancing of risks analyses and threat assessment tools of Moldovan and Ukrainian border agencies.

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EUBAM Office in Moldova
+373 22 80 22 00; +373 22 80 22 02

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