EU Support to the private sector in the context of Association Agreements/DCFTAs

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493,340.00 Euro
DAI Europe, S.A. Sopex N.V.
2014 - 2016
The overall objective of the project is “to propose recommendations on the design of EU support package targeting the private sector in order to accompany the process of implementation of the AAs/DCFTAs in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, notably in relation to the compliance with the EU norms in the domestic legislation.”

The outputs of the project are the following: 


  • a gap analysis between the national legislation and the provisions of the EU acquis to be implemented as part of the AAs/DCFTA (as far as the private sector is concerned); 

  • an evaluation of past and on-going SME Development programmes in the three countries and; 

  • specific recommendations for the design of future EU support to the private sector to accompany the implementation of the AAs/DCFTAs provisions.



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DAI Europe, S.A. Sopex N.V.

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