EU Focal Regions: Cahul and Ungheni, inclusive economic empowerment of focal regions in the Republic of Moldova

Stronger economy
23,500,000.00 EUR
UNDP, with some components by UNICEF
2019 - 2024
The programme is aimed to strengthen the economic, territorial and social cohesion in the Republic of Moldova through facilitating inclusive, sustainable and integrated local socio-economic growth and improving the standards of living of the citizens in the so called "micro - region" area of Ungheni and Cahul.



Citizens and local communities in the area of Ungheni and Cahul.


Expected results are:


  • The institutional capacities of local governments from Cahul and Ungheni micro-regions will be increased to support the implementation of locally-driven environmentally compliant socio-economic development strategy for integrated local growth and development;

  • Improved and broader stakeholder (e.g. citizens, youth CSOs, private sector) engagement in the planning and monitoring of the socio-economic development strategy;

  • Enhanced partnership of local development stakeholders (LPAs – private sector – community groups) in Cahul and Ungheni micro-regions; 

  • The citizens from micro-regions of Cahul and Ungheni will benefit from increased quality and availability of public service delivery and increased performance of local public utilities;

  • Micro-regions of Cahul and Ungheni will boost their territorial competitiveness and become more attractive for investment, job creation and entrepreneurship;

  • The economies of Cahul and Ungheni micro-regions will embrace a smart economic specialization development approach and will increase the business performance of their key- economic sectors.

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Ungheni, Cahul

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