Environmental Collaboration for the Black Sea

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2.200 000 Euro
2007 - 2009
The project contributes to the sustainable development, biological monitoring and pollution assessment of the Black Sea Basin communities, as well as the preparation of documents for the establishment of marine reserves. It has four main components: Legal, Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Water Quality Monitoring and Biodiversity.


To prevent and reduce the input of pollutants through river discharges or direct discharges into the sea through the sustainable management and/or protection of natural resources, including water resources and biodiversity of the Black Sea basin;

To improve regional cooperation and promote agreements for the protection of the Black Sea, in particular the Convention on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution (the Bucharest Convention) and other documents;

To develop national capacities to develop and enforce environmental legislation in line with the Bucharest Convention;

To harmonise the existing legislation with the EU water-related legislation, in particular with the Water Framework Directive and the EU Marine Strategy.


Target groups:


The urban and rural population living within the coastal areas and river basins.

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