Enhancing the quality and effectiveness of VET system in Republic of Moldova

Stronger society
1.3 million Euro
Consortium of OMNIA, the Joint Authority of Education in Espoo Region, Finland, Foundation INNOVE from Estonia, MOSTA, Research and Higher Education Monitoring and analysis Centre from Lithuania
2019 - 2021
The overall Project objective is to support the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and related VET bodies/institutions and actors in further implementation of VET Strategy 2013-2020 by improving capacity of key institutions in charge to assure quality with the special focus on teachers’ competences and collaboration with private sector.

 In this context the project specific objectives are focusing on:


  1. strengthening the institutional and operational capacities and staff competences from the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research (ANACEC), 

  2. supporting the further implementation of National Qualifications Framework of the Republic of Moldova, 

  3. building the capacity for effective cooperation between VET providers and private sector, 

  4. supporting VET teachers of Centers of Excellence to become multipliers through pedagogical training.




  1. The training of designated staff of ANACEC has been started in providing better understanding on the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for Vocational Education and Training (EQAVET) and the approach of learning outcomes for VET following the common principles and tools of the Copenhagen Process such as strengthening the European dimension of VET, improving transparency, information and guidance systems, recognizing competences and qualifications -including non- formal and informal learning, promoting cooperation in quality assurance.

  2. Elaboration of methodology structure for development of Qualification Standards was done. The main focus has been developing a conceptual model of the Moldova NQS, including the function performed and the actors involved and also developing the organizational structure of the Moldova NQS, including a coordinating entity or entities and decision making bodies.  ICT specialists from Finland consulted the NQF register structure and ToR for development of application on NQF register for Republic of Moldova. On this subject the project cooperated with representatives of GIZ project experts involved in this process.

  3. Mapping out the involvement of private sector in VET system developments, identified the need for development of concept on Adults’ Learning with LLL Department of MECR, identified the way of working with Sector Committees, identified the gaps in the process of collaboration between Sector Committees and VET institutions.

  4. Identifying the needs for development of ICT competences with teachers from VET system, collecting information and planning in partnership with ProDidactica, financed by ADA, the activities related to development of digital skills of VET teachers, collecting information on career counselling for VET students. During the reporting period was organized a workshop with presentation of best practices in using ICT teaching methods in Finland, presentation of best practices in delivery of professional continuous education for VET teachers in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania.


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