Empowering Youth to become Civic Actors

Stronger society
396. 546 Euro
IREX Europe in partnership with Centrul Media pentru Tineri (CMT)/ Youth Media Centre
2017 - 2019
The EYCA project is focussing on building the capacities of young and active citizens to report on social and political issues through training in media literacy and blogging about their local communities.
The EYCA project is focussing on:

-  Building the capacities of young and active citizens to report on social and political issues through training in media literacy and blogging about their local communities;
-  Support local media in the raions and improve their capacity to provide quality content through collaboration with youth and local authorities;
-  Increasing community dialogue on social issues in the raions, including through public discussions, readings and other events on human rights and social issues.



Youth from rural areas are the main target for this project. Youth involvement in the project will give young people the means to develop critical thinking and media literacy, leadership skills and practical new media production skills (such as journalism, blogging, vlogging, etc), which will give them the motivation and the tools to become more active in their communities.
Local media are a target as they lack both resources and capacity for qualitative reporting in general and reporting on local news in particular. Local media will include local TV, radio, print and online media.
The final beneficiaries are the population of the Republic of Moldova, especially the rural population. The project will address the community’s needs in terms of news and information.




Planned results. During the two years of implementation, 80 MIL training sessions are planned for up to 700 youth who will be able to then participate in 4 media-tours and 2 Multimedia Summer Camps and to produce qualitative reports on issues that affect their community. Up to 300 outputs will be published on social media and via the youth platforms.
Local media will benefit from 10 small grants for joint projects with youth and interested local actors. Support in project implementation will be offered by organizing capacity building and grants management training for at least 50 grant participants. As a result, 50 TV productions will be produced and disseminated.
Improved public dialog in rural Moldova through 20 Public discussions on social and political issues relevant to the community held in at least 10 raions.


Achieved results. CMT started the Media Literacy trainings across the country, managing to conduct 9 two-day training sessions for 188 students from 9 raions: Strășeni, Orhei, Cimișlia, Telenești, Căinari, Călărași, Cantemir, Ștefan Vodă. The trained youth produced 24 media products out of which 13 were published on CMT website and Facebook page.
IREX Europe has launched the call for local media small grants and received 19 applications. By the end of March 2018, at least 5 media will receive grants between 2 500 and 5 000 EUR for joint projects led by local media in collaboration with youth, local authorities where relevant and other interested local actors.

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