Educating Moldavian consumers of information to reduce the effect of the false information and manipulation through the media

Stronger society
214,765.00 EURO
Association of Independent Press
2017 - 2019
The major objective of this project is to diminish the impact of manipulation and misinformation by the media through educating media consumers to identify manipulation and false or biased information.

These activities will continue and will extend the campaign against false and biased information, ”STOP FALS!” conducted by the Association of Independent Press (API) and its partners in Moldova.


The main activities/results:


  • Selecting 35 informal persons leaders from different communities to act as colaborators of the "STOP FALS!" campaign in all districts of Moldova, including in the Gagauz autonomy in the south of Moldova.

  • Training and empowering 35 persons to explain to the population the risks of manipulation and misinformation.

  • Conducting a broad information campaign for the media consumers in the rural areas from all districts of the country, organising local meetings to discuss with the rural population about manipulation and misinformation and the risks of this phenomenon.

  • Producing a set of information and education materials about information manipulation.

  • Publishing in 20 local and regional newspapers a series of monthly themed articles about manipulation techniques and protection against manipulation.

  • Producing a documentary and a banner for the web and disseminating them in order to reach the highest possible number of rural area inhabitants.