Edinet - Economic Growth Pole in North Region of Moldova

Stronger economy
579 185,00 Euro
City Hall of Edinet Municipality in partnership with Community Integrated Development Centre and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova
2018 - 2020
The project is designed to support the Edinet city hall in becoming an active facilitator for sustainable local economic growth and job creation by providing opportunities for economic participation of all relevant stakeholders/target groups.

The aim of the project is to improve local capacities and business infrastructure for stimulation of businesses creation in Edinet region, influencing inclusive economic growth in the north region of Moldova through the following specific objectives:


Specific objective 1: Stimulated new youth enterprises enabled with information on innovations, IT tools and technologies, and services in startup economic activities provided by one Business Incubator using a participatory and cooperation approach.

Specific objective 2: Improved physical and soft infrastructure and business conditions in Agro Industrial Park (AIP) of Edinet municipality for creation of min. 100 new jobs,  new SMEs and to attract external investments in north region of Moldova.


The project is based on a philosophy of integration of relatively different functions (production function, and that of services, relaxation and education) into an industrial area (i.e. Edinet Industrial Park). This represents an opportunity for an influx of foreign investment and decrease of unemployment rate in north region of the RM by the means of creation of new jobs. The matter of ensuring local economic development that best suits into the necessities of the Edinet inhabitants is one of the primary objectives for Local Public Administration of the Edinet locality.


The project is focused on 8 categories of target groups that will benefit directly from the implementation of the proposed action:

1. 100 Young potential entrepreneurs and potential residents of business incubator from north region of Moldova;
2. 3 actual  and  2 potential residents of IP Edinet;
3. 120 employees in the enterprises – residents of the IP Edinet;
4. 1000 of returned migrants, people able to work and not engaged in economic activities from Edinet municipality and villages around urban area, they will be informed about created job opportunities in Edinet municipality;
5. 2 Professional colleges for technical vocational education from Cupcini town and Bratuseni village of Edinet rayon;
6. About 800 students of professional colleges from Edinet rayon;
7. About 30 representatives of NGOs , National Public Institutions (Agencies), Academic sector, Business Support Sector and Financing Sector –  participants to the cooperation business support platform;
8. One IP administrator, LPA of Edinet municipality.


The following results are expected to be achieved as a result of project implementation:

1. Created support for incubation of min 10 new youth enterprises;
2. Improved networking and cooperation between business, public, scientific sectors for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Edinet region;
3. Consolidated capacities for min 100 potential youth entrepreneurs to start-up own businesses;
4. Increased physical production infrastructure with 1000 m2 of the Agro industrial Park (AIP) of Edinet municipality to attract external investments of min. about 1 mln. Euro in agro-industrial sector of Edinet region. Improved investments conditions for creation of the min 100 jobs;
5. Improved working conditions for 120 actual workers of AIP of Edinet municipality;
6. Improved environment for workforce qualification development for AIP Edinet;
7. Increased awareness of youth and investors regarding investment opportunities in Edinet region.  Raised visibility of the business support facilities of Edinet municipality;
8. Increased the awareness of population regarding the UE programs, including M4EG for local development in the region, including current action and promotion of EU values in society.  

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