Developing Cross Border tourism by promoting the Mansion of Manuc Bey, Elena Ioan Cuza Mortuary Complex and the Blesciunov Mansion

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The Joint Operational Programme Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova 2007-2013
2013 - 2015
The project's main objective was to improve the economic and social situation in the cross-border region by promoting the tourist sector, and consequently the regional economy, and developing sustainable economic opportunities within the Hincesti-Vaslui and Odessa Region. Rehabilitation of Manuc Bey forms one part of this project. The other two being restoration of Elena Ioan Cuza Monastery Complex in Romanian, and improving the conditions of activity of Blesciunov Mansion in Ukraine.
Main activities and accomplishements:

The Manuc Bay Mansion was completely restored, including the original coat of arms of the Manuc family. It was endowed with 19th century style furniture. The building was equipped with an air conditioning system and connected to utilities (electricity, water conduct, sewerage). Partner 1 rehabilitated the Elena Cuza Mortuary complex, while Partner 2 completed the modernisation of Bleschiunov Museum.

The partners organised three workshops and six study visits with participants spanning from public officers, representatives of civil society, students, businessmen, etc. The workshops aimed to raise the civic spirit in promoting cultural sights, new ways to attract tourists in the cross-border area involved in the project, promoting the national cultural values of the three states involved, and promoting the cultural tourism. During the workshops, a recurring topic envisaged concrete ways to improve the flow of information between partner states in the field of cultural tourism in order to foster a cross-border impact of the projects jointly implemented by partners from the three countries covered by the Joint Operational Programme (JOP) RO-UA-MD 2007-2013. A special emphasis was placed on the role of civil society and citizens in preserving and safeguarding cultural heritage and tourism.


Additional information:

The Joint Operational Programme Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova 2007-2013 (hereinafter JOP RO-UA-MD) is a cooperation programme financed by the European Union through the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013. The programme aims at creating “bridges” among the three countries involved, in order to help the border areas overcome their similar development challenges, by working together and finding common solutions.

Through the JOP RO-UA-MD the people in border areas have been encouraged to further develop the border economy, confront environmental challenges and enhance their preparedness for emergency situations. The program also promotes greater interaction between people and communities living in the border areas.

The EU contribution to the JOP RO-UA-MD is 126,72 M€ for the period 2007 to 2013, while the participant countries co-finance the programme with a minimum of 11,4 M€.

The JOP RO-UA-MD is characterized by a number of specificities regarding eligible areas, priorities and measures, and the eligibility of applicants. The full details of the programme can be found in the JOP RO-UA-MD programming documents.


Manuc Bey Mansion from Hancesti:

Manuc Bey Mansion from Hancesti was presented to the public after the reconstruction process. During the pre-launch event entitled “De Santandrey la Manuc Bey” (Saint Andrew at Manuc Bey) held on 13th of December 2015, the architectural complex “ManucBey” from the city of Hancesti, Republic of Moldova was reopened to the public.

The organizers of the event presented the results of the reconstruction of one of the largest mansions in Moldova, revealed unknown details about the legendary Manuc Bey and in the evening the mansion was illuminated in a range of colors.

The Hancesti Mansion represents one of the pearls of Moldavian architecture. It was built at the beginning of the 19th century by Manuc Bey Mirzaian, a diplomat and merchant of Armenian origin. Of the 10buildings that were originally included in the complex, only five have been preserved.

With funds ensured by Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova Programme the “Prince Palace”, have been rebuilt. Their reconstruction involved over 60 renovators, both from Moldova and Romania. The “Prince Palace” will host a museum as well as conference halls and training classes.

The also ensured furnishing of mansion interior with 19th century furniture completes the historical ambient and restore its former splendor. Moreover, one of the main attractions of the manor will be the underground routes that will be open for tourist.

Besides the reconstruction of the ManucBey “Prince Palace”, the project supports the restoration works of the Elena Cuza Mortuary Complex from Solesti Commune (Vaslui, Romania), and the modernization of the air conditioning systemat the Municipal Museum of Private Collections of A. V. Bleschunov (Odessa, Ukraine).

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