Cutting edge improvements in the public procurement system in Moldova through inclusiveness, creativity and law - abiding practices

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Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) “Viitorul”
2017 - 2017
The overall objective is to enable civil society to evaluate, assess and monitor the public money spending through the existing public procurement practices by facilitating the policy dialogue between authorities and CSOs.
Specific objectives:


1. Strengthening the watchdog role of civil society in economic good governance ensuring greater transparency of the procurements, making sure that public resources are used in the best interest of citizens;
2.  Assisting governmental authorities, procurement regulators and contracting authorities to comply with the principles of good governance benchmarks (transparency, efficiency, efficacy, legality, ethics and integrity) in order to improve the public procurement system and therefore the quality of public investments;
3. Ensuring a wider public access to relevant information in the public procurement system pertaining to the entire operational cycle, from the planning stage to the contract execution, as well as to any breaches of public procurement procedures, contracts’ provisions or other irregularities;
4. Contributing to effective and transparent review solving system in public procurement through capacity building and monitoring.




Civil society organizations, contracting authorities (central and local public authorities and other public entities), Public Procurement Agency, Ministry of Finance, ANSC, economic operators (all potential suppliers in public procurement).




-  Civil society organizations, media and wider public more aware and active in scrutinize public procurement;
-  A wider public access to public procurement information by setting up an Open Public Procurement Portal;
-  A procurement monitoring guide developed to assist civil society in procurement monitoring;
-  Public authorities more accountable, ensuring that public funds are used in procurement according to the purposed intended, that officials meet high professional standards of knowledge and  integrity;
-  Better dialogue between authorities and civil society for better policy framework for enhancing transparency and efficiency in public procurement;
-  A better connection between citizens’ expectations and decision-making process results conducted by public authorities;
-  A modernized national procurement systems which meets internationally recognized standards enabling greater effectiveness in the use of public funds.

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