Creation of a public multi-complex for sports and physical therapy for children, young people and the older generation

Stronger society
15 000 Euro
2018 - 2018
The project provides: 1. Laying of artificial turf on the square; repair of external fencing area; installation of 2 units of football gates. These events will create a football ground with a unique surface in the most densely populated microdistrict of M. Comrat. 2. Purchase and installation of elements for public fitness classes: gym - exerciser for the muscles of the legs, exercise for the back muscles of the exerciser for the muscles of the arms, exercise for the chest muscles of the simulator for the abdominal cavity. The Playground for fitness and strength training, in a group with a football pitch, will provide excellent conditions for the leisure of young people, and the presence of a children's Playground will be the final chord in the creation of a common platform for people of different ages.
Beneficiaries of the project - 6 100 people or 25 % of all residents of M. Comrat:

-  Population of the district "DSU" Comrat (5 200 inhabitants);
-  Students and staff of the Lyceum. "N. Tretyakov" (700 people);
-  Pupils and staff of kindergarten № 6 (200 people).

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