Creation of excellence center through piloting demonstrative new energy efficiency technologies and renewable energy sources in Festelita community, Stefan-Voda district

Stronger governance
800,000.00 EUR
PA “Moldova Social Innovations Fund”, NGO
2018 - 2020
The project will implement the actions set up in Festelita village’s SEAP through innovative technology-transfer and piloting demonstration projects on new technologies utilization of solar and biomass RES.  

Overall objective is to contribute to the achievement of the sustainable local energy policy by enabling LPA of Festelita village to implement investment projects, incorporated in its SEAP under the Covenant of Mayors and thus bridging the gap between the SEAP and its practical implementation.


Specific objectives:


  • Address energy security and contribute to energy savings, energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 noxious emissions in the atmosphere;

  • Overcome barriers in the use of solar and biomass energy production technologies by providing examples of best practice as a viable alternative to gas, oil and coal and as a sustainable way of Environment Protection;

  • Reduce the national/local dependence on the imported energy sources;

  • Promote new EE measures and RES using technologies and increase quality of municipal services;

  • Increase share of RE in the total final energy consumption of the target community.




  • Installed biomass burning boiler rooms at 4 public institutions;

  • Installed solar panels systems for water heating at the kindergarten;

  • Installed 200 LED environmentally friendly street light luminaries on public streets and intelligent management system;

  • Built a 300 kW PV solar park for electricity production;

  • Planted min. 4ha with short rotation energy crops for biomass production;

  • Implemented provisions of local SEAP;

  • Reduced CO² emissions with circa 800 tonnes/year at local level;

  • Raised awareness and skills level of LPAs and population in the field of EE and RES;

  • Involved the local population in the above.



Contact details:


Dumitru Roscovan

Project Manager for Festelita EE, EU funded Project

Coordonatorul proiectului Festelita EE, proiect finanțat de UE
Fondul de Inovatii Sociale din Moldova, NGO


Address map and contacts

Local Public Authority, Festelitsa village, Stefan Voda district, MD-4220, Moldova
+373 692 41 847

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