Construction of Water Supply and Sanitation infrastructure, as well as Energy Efficiency in public buildings

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EUR 39,800,000.00
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
2018 - 2021
The project works towards increasing the access of the Moldovan citizens to improved public services in the field of Water Supply and Sanitation and Energy Efficiency in public buildings. As such, the project will construct and put into service 10 Water Supply and Sanitation systems, as well as implement 8Energy Efficiency projects inschools throughout the country.  

The implementation of the WSS projects will contribute to increasing the access of the Moldovan population to good quality drinkable water and thus will improve hygienic conditions and preservation of health. Similarly, the EE investments will contribute to ensuring better and comfortable study environment for pupils and teachers. As a result, this will generate lower bills and savings that can be used for other services.




As a result of this Action, approx. 200,000 citizens from approximately 25 localities of the Republic of Moldova will benefit of improved public services. 




This action contributes to the improvement of living standards of more than 200,000 citizens by ensuring access to quality Water Supply and Sanitation services. The WSS infrastructure comprises installation of water pipes and tanks, purification stations, waste water treatment plants, pumping stations and modern equipment.


In addition, the action contributes to the improvement of education conditions for over 4,400 pupils and 500 teachers in eight schools throughout the country. The improvement of energy efficiency infrastructure includes the replacement of roofs, insulation of buildings’ walls, repair of boiler plants, improvement of ventilation, external lighting, thus reducing the COemissions and contributing to the protection of the environment. 

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