Construction of the Jointly Operated Border Crossing Point Palanca on the territory of the Republic of Moldova

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EUR 6,189,912.00
UNDP Moldova
2014 - 2018
The objective of the Action was to establish a jointly operated border crossing point (JOBCP) at Palanca, on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, respecting all EU standards and principles of a JOBCP, ensuring improved conditions for business and trade, and for the facilitation of safe, secure, and gender friendly movement of people and goods across the border, thus contributing to the economic stabilization and sustainable development of the region. 

The Project contributed to a wider objective of "safer and more open borders" between Ukraine and Moldova. The expected long-term impact is to contribute to the facilitation of trade and migration flows between two countries.


It aimed at accelerating of the traffic flow by reducing the average time of the border crossing by 20% due to the simplified border crossing procedures through avoiding duplication of functions and using the hand-to-hand and one-stop-shop principle at JOBCP.


Carrying out activities “under one roof” and under the commonly accepted standard operational procedures gives the opportunity for the border control agencies (border guard and customs) and other relevant authorities to establish a more rapid and secure exchange of information on persons, vehicles and goods, offers the possibility to create local inter-agency networks for the direct information exchange, which can significantly contribute to the efficiency of the border control procedures, and raise the level of mutual trust. With joint and well-coordinated activities agencies can reach a higher level of efficiency in trade facilitation and in combating cross-border crime.  


The JOBCP will reduce the corruption risks, as the border control agencies are working in the same premises, the level of transparency is higher and will enhance combating cross border crime by the strengthened cooperation and possibility to solve the issues on the spot, immediately involving all relevant agencies.

The Project will reduce the financial and administrative costs due to the abolishment of the BCPs Mayaki and Udobne in the territory of Ukraine.




The general public and businesses transiting the state border at Palanca; the Customs Service under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the Border Police under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, as well as food safety authorities (veterinary and phytosanitary agencies) from both countries.




The Project achieved the targets in line with the Description of Action. The JOBCP’s construction works were accomplished, including the demolition of the obsolete buildings, expansion and levelling of the BCP territory, concrete platform construction, construction of the main administrative building, of the building for the detailed control of cargo, and the control booths. The JOBCP has been equipped with the required IT and utilities networks, as well as with the build-in and portable equipment necessary for to ensuring effective operation of the JOBCP. 


Beyond the initial scope, the construction of the road junction between the JOBCP and Odessa-Reni highway at the exit to Ukraine has been handled by the Project as an important activity that was a key for the operationalisation of the JOBCP The JOBCP is fully and uninterruptedly operating since the official launch on December 28, 2018.





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